Omstars is a Yoga based platform and proudly boasts the worlds largest library of yoga based content. Known as the “Netflix of Yoga”, Omstars provides real, watchable, entertaining, enlightening, authentic, life-changing content made for yogis by yogis. As a subscription based platform, new subscribers are the life blood of their business, but they also offer one-off online courses that are available to non-subscribers also. 

The objective with this project is primarily to help Omstars attain new subscribers for their platform by reaching new people, in new markets and attracting new customers. The only practical way of doing so, currently, is via online advertising. We help Omstars build and scale Ad campaigns globally that acquire new users at a cost per acquisition that is far, far less than the Life Time Value of a subscriber. Omstars also offer one-off online courses, which we help them promote through online advertising.




Online Course Sales and Platform Subscribers

What We Did

Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest Ads

The Results

“I’ve been working with with Paudie and Bobby for a couple of months now with both my personal brand and my company, Omstars. My team and I couldn’t be happier with the results and effectiveness of their approach. Working with a team that covers end to end campaign strategy made everything incredibly cohesive, smooth and improved results on every level. The team at Bearhouse took the time to truly understand our audience, our brand and each journey our customers experience before becoming a member. Through each word, image and campaign, they captured the authentic essence and voice of our brand in a way that delivered our mission of sharing the traditional practices of yoga with people around the world. Bobby and Paudie have such comprehensive knowledge that covers each angle of a campaign from initiation to completion. This left us feeling confident in the outcomes and reassured that how our brand was being shared was truly representative of who I am as a yoga teacher and what Omstars provides to thousands of yoga students around the world.

We couldn’t be happier with their work!”

Ready To Grow Online?

Online Advertising is key to selling online and scaling your business, but it’s not suitable for everyone. We know who this will work for, and we also know who will burn through their marketing dollars with zero to show for it. Answer these simple questions below and we will let you know if this is the right time for you.