Hen’s Teeth are a Dublin based company, that are kept busy putting smiles on faces through art, food and music. Not only do they have a sought after diner and cafe, they also collaborate with artists from around the globe to create original artworks, which are released online. These artworks, combined with other mesmorising and rare oddities make up the collection available on their Online Store. Here you can find everything from a Yeye Weller print, to a Jean Michel Basquiat candle, to a book documenting the most iconic of sneakers.

For this client, the objective for us was to help them sell more online. Hen’s Teeth already possessed a thriving social media brimming with passionate supporters, and a really nice website, but were neglecting Online Advertising as a means of promoting their products and collaborations. That said, they were aware that Online Advertising was the next step they needed to take in order to drive more conversions online, scale into new markets and gain more visibility in the right areas.


Hen’s Teeth


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What We Did

Instagram & Facebook Ads

The Results

“We’ve worked with Bearhouse for the past year to manage the digital ads and strategy for Hen’s Teeth. They’re super talented at what they do and make the process straightforward and jargon-free. We’re delighted with the results so far, and look forward to growing the relationship over the coming year.”

Extensive testing and finding winning products has enabled us to achieve a consistent 10X Return on Ad Spend.

Running Ad Campaigns for Hen’s Teeth has been a dream right from the start. Why? Products that people want, and Online Ads, are a match made in heaven. That said, not all products are born equal, and with a client such as this that offers a wide variety of different products, testing is fundamental to identify winners and losers. Successful testing early on for Hen’s Teeth helped us to weed out the losers and scale up the winning adverts that were delivering a desirable Return On Ad Spend. This enabled us to quickly scale our advertising efforts and achieve and maintain a 10X Return On Ad Spend consistently.

Ready To Grow Online?

Online Advertising is key to selling online and scaling your business, but it’s not suitable for everyone. We know who this will work for, and we also know who will burn through their marketing dollars with zero to show for it. Answer these simple questions below and we will let you know if this is the right time for you.