Arran Street East is an artisanal lifestyle brand, designing and making simple and beautiful ceramic tableware. Designed and handmade in the Arran Street East studio in the busy Markets Area of Dublin City Centre, tucked away behind the Victorian Fruit and Vegetable Market Building, the colours of their collections are drawn from the never-ending influence of the vibrant markets. Although based in Dublin, their products have been shown at London Design Festival, Paris Fashion Week and NYNOW, and have been featured in Elle Decoration, Vogue Living, The New York Times, Forbes, Image Interiors, The Irish Times, and many more.

The objective with this project is to help Arran Street East sell more of their product online. Simple. They were already selling successfully in-store but not so much through their online store and they were aware that in terms of scaling their business this is where the most opportunity existed. They also wanted to explore new markets that are not easily reached through other marketing mediums. Lastly, Arran Street East is a luxury brand, to uphold this heir of exclusivity the client wanted to avoid using any price promotions.


Arran Street East


Sell more product

What We Did

Instagram & Facebook Ads

The Results

Bearhouse have supported us throughout the most challenging months of the pandemic and have helped us achieve our goals. They are great to work with: always available and flexible, very knowledgeable and experienced in digital marketing. They took the time to understand our business and our audiences. They are great creatives, open to suggestions and they work collaboratively. We are more than happy with the results so far and look forward to working with Bearhouse in the future.

7.5X Return on Ad Spend all while achieving consistent, steady growth both domestically and abroad.

Successful deployment of Online Advertising campaigns has enabled Arran Street East to achieve a God-like omnipresence online that is just not possible organically. They have established themselves as an online powerhouse domestically and have also branched into new markets; the United States, United Kingdom, Australia to name a few. Online sales have increased dramatically, and ASE have recently hired a new potter to ensure inventory doesn’t run dry.

Although our primary focus here is to sell more product, it is also fundamental that the brand is protected. With Arran Street East (as with any company that we have worked with) we took the time to understand their brand, their audience and their product to create high quality ads that not only maintained the brand, but elevated it. The sentiment from our advertising campaigns with Arran Street East has been overwhelmingly positive. Also important to note that as this is a luxury brand we do not make use of sales/price promotions of any sort.

Ready To Grow Online?

Online Advertising is key to selling online and scaling your business, but it’s not suitable for everyone. We know who this will work for, and we also know who will burn through their marketing dollars with zero to show for it. Answer these simple questions below and we will let you know if this is the right time for you.